Wig Dyeing Tutorial

12 Apr

Hi, I’m sleepingwhimsy. I’m new at blogging tutorials, so please bear with me!

Today’s tutorial will be about wig dyeing. Yes folks, you can actually dye your synthetic wig! :> I don’t know dyeing natural hair wigs though, don’t try it because you might ruin an expensive wig! (Seriously, don’t.)

I had to dye a wig because I ran out of time and because there aren’t any available on hand wigs that have the color that I want. I was in a rush because the con was in less than 5 days. It was a risky move but I am a bit satisfied (at that time, in just a couple of days) with the results.

I’m going to be dyeing a pink wig to a purple ala Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop color.

Disclaimer: The picture you are about to see might make you facepalm since Faye’s hair isn’t actually bright purple but darker (I only realized it until later and didn’t really mind that much since I actually colored the wig purple). Since I was out of time and materials (*facepalm*) I decided that the color was the darkest it could go at that time. I still plan to darken the wig color in the future! 🙂

Tip: Don’t dye an already dark wig because the color won’t really show. (I tried to dye a brown wig to purple, it failed. end of story) And no, you cannot dye a wig into a lighter color. Do not even attempt to dye a light colored wig to black because it will only turn into gray. I suggest that you just buy a black wig.

Picture tiem!

This is the after look of the wig, it used to be a pink cotton candy color. As you can see in the scalp, there are still hints of pink.

The Wig Dyeing Tutorial


70% proof rubbing alcohol

Permanent Ink of Your Choice (Please don’t use stamp pad ink X_X)

Spray Bottle


Comb (Make sure it’s a comb that you won’t use anymore)

a wig head or something to mount your wig on

An open area to dye your wig (The fumes can suffocate you. I learned the hard way. >_<)

1.) Mix the 70% proof rubbing alcohol and permanent dye of your choice in the spray bottle. The ratio of the mixture depends on how light or how dark you want your dye to be. For my wig I used red and blue permanent inks together with the alcohol. If I remember correctly, I used about 2:3, 2 parts alcohol, 3 parts dye.Image

This is how it looks like (cookies for captain obvious),


2.) Mix the contents thoroughly and test spray the mixture in a piece of paper. Not your walls, because it. will. stain. them. Just don’t do it.

(But if you do have unintentional splatters on the wall or on the floor, rub the stains with the alcohol, it should come right off!)


This is the brown wig that I colored, that did turn darker but didn’t really show the purple dye. Remember to wear gloves!

 3.) Put on your gloves and partition the wig with the comb so that you can spray all the fibers. I also suggest that you put more newspapers around your work area because it will really get messy. Learn from my mistake!


4.) Make sure you get all the strands covered in the dye. Wait for it to dry for at least 6 hours.


 Haha. It was really windy that day so I placed slippers around the newspapers. The amount of newspaper in this picture did not protect my front yard from the spray dye and wind. Again, use loooooots of newspaper to cover your work place.


5.) After the wig has dried. Rinse your wig with cold water. Yes, rinse with cold water gently as it will set the dye. (No picture for this >-< but you get the general idea)

6.) Make sure that the water dripping down the wet wig is somewhat clear. Red dyes tend to run, to my horrible discovery. Dry the wig.


If you are satisfied with the color of your wig, Congrats! you can now cut or style or whatever you want to do with it.


If you are not satisfied, you can either recolor the wig to an even darker shade or get rid of the wig’s dye by rinsing it with 70% proof rubbing alcohol.

Tip: Use a ziploc bag, pour a substantial amount of alcohol and dunk your wig inside and then swish it as much as it takes to get rid of the dye. Then rinse with cold water. You can now start again.


A few credit card transaction later: a new pink wig to murder color

Place: Inside my room



Time consumed for spray dyeing: approx 2 hours

Place: Inside my room

Mood: high from alcohol fumes (This is why you should do the dyeing in an open area, I was in a big rush for doing this stupidity and it shall never happen again.)

After a bit of noob cutting and styling:


 side view: I need to cut it again and style it moooore


front view: sleepingwhimsy failing at replicating a widow’s peak and strands of pink are still showing

 I’m so sorry that I am only showing cropped con pictures of my wig, I’m still not satisfied with it for now and I plan to redo the wig for a photoshoot.

There you have it, my first tutorial on wig dyeing. I will put a proper widow’s peak and I’m going to document them better next time so I could show you guys step by step.

If you’re still here and reading this, thanks for reading and bearing with me! :>

~sleepingwhimsy ~

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One response to “Wig Dyeing Tutorial

  1. Yuzuki Dannielle Estacio

    2014.01.29 at 11:15 AM

    just wanna ask, what type of ink you used in dyeing ur brown wig?
    i’d like to dye mine into black but i dunno what ink i should use >_<


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