Hi everyone. This is the cosplay blog of Sleepingwhimsy and Akemi.

We have been cosplaying since 2008~ish and we both love to eat siomai.

Our posts will be about anything that we can think of that can relate to cosplay: make-up, hair care, costumes, props, acting, photography, modeling, anime, manga, games, books and the like. We will post tutorials, reviews, tips, photoshoots, cosplay events, etc. These cosplay topics include both Asian and Western cosplay.

Most of the events we post and products we review are targeted to Filipino cosplayers as we are both based in the Philippines so please forgive us if we suggest a product that you might not be able to obtain in your region. Please refer to our photographs/videos in the post so you can find an alternative that you can use.

Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu!


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