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Okita Sougo Sleeping Mask Picture Tutorial

Woot, sleepingwhimsy here! 🙂

This time we are doing Okita Sougo’s sleeping mask from the anime Gintama. The super sadist prince is one of my favorite characters. 😀

Materials needed:

Felt fabric in red, white, black

1 inch wide garter (you do the math for the circumference of your head)

Reference, reference, reference!

Picture tutorial tiem!

I got the sleep mask pattern from here:

the internet is awesome

traced the pattern from my laptop screen lol

Nifty trick: tape 2 pencils together to give you an automatic seam space/space

Overlap the fabric roughly the same size of the pattern so you could cut 2 pieces in one go

pin them together for stability


Cut the outer part of the pattern and trace it on the red felt fabric

So, now we have 2 black base patterns and 1 red inner base

Make a pattern for the eyes and adjust it to your liking

Sew one of the black cut out with the red cut out

It’s okay to be messy on the underside but make sure the stitches are neat on the visible side

Cut out the black base for the eyes; same as before, overlap the fabric so you can cut 2 in one go

Adjust it according to your preference

I had a mistake for this part, I was supposed to only get the white corners for the eyes but upon closer inspection of the reference picture, the white part is surrounded by I made a smaller version of the black part of the eyes for the white.

TL;DR: It’s better to cut a smaller version of the black part of the eyes with white felt in order to overlap them to get the black line outside the white part of the mask

Sew the whites to the black

I used a water bottle cap because the black dot of both eyes is slightly bigger

sew neatly

sew together..something’s kind of missing…

It’s missing the lashes, of course! I opted to sew them individually so that it will be more durable and not prone to being torn off or something

Do the same for the other eye

how it looks when it’s neatly sewn..

sew the black 1 inch garter on the wrong side and then sew the OTHER black cut out on the underside

aaaaannnndddd you’re DONE.

Finished product:

Ginpachi sensei, you should shave already, and that’s Sougo’s sleeping mask

Thanks for reading~!



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Guilty Crown’s Inori Yuzuriha Hair Ties + Clips Picture tutorial

Hey guys, sleepingwhimsy here! 🙂 It’s been a while, yeah?

This tutorial is actually something that I’ve copied from a youtube tutorial vid of a cosplayer who is also doing Inori, I’ll post the link as we go on.

Inori Yuzuriha Hair Ties


Materials needed:

Red felt fabric

Red marker

First up, reference!

looking fine thar, Inori

zoom to get a good look of the hair tie

Here are the materials, also make a pattern.

here is a good view of the pattern I made.

“Even an idiot can cut a straight line.” ..NOPE LOL.

Make 2 pieces

Cut the spaces in your pattern, make sure you leave an inch or half solid so you can put an adhesive or basically something that will hold the thing together.

Secure with a bobby pin, fill in the gaps with red marker

Carefully fill the gaps, it’s okay if the marker bleeds on the pattern as long as you carefully traced it just as is.

Do the same thing to the other piece.


Well, look at that beauty~

Now do the same to the other piece and you’re basically DONE.

It actually looks good even from afar, but if you want it to be really, really obvious…

Do it in hard mode.

Hard mode:

Trace the pattern on another similar piece

and cut the gaps so you can paste it unto another sheet.

a/n: I lost my shit right there so I stopped, it’s not recommended for people who can’t cut straight. I don’t have an x-acto knife so I can’t properly trace it. TTwTT

But if you’re really, really good with tracing/cutting stuff, you can absolutely do this.

If you’re done, you can either secure it with a bobby pin or anything to your liking.

Finished Product:

Sorry for the phone cam quality. It’s still discernible even from far away WITH a phone cam quality.

Photo belongs to Claire Codilla

Ahh, the hair tie wasn’t very well placed here, but you can still see the details if you look closely.

And as promised, here is the video where I got the tutorial:

I asked her permission for this in dA, she’s so nice. >w<

her deviantArt account:

As for the hair clips, I basically used foam and red paint then glued it on a hair clip, I don’t know where my pictures are, but she has another tutorial for it.

Aaaaaand, we’re done.

If you made it here, thanks for sticking around~! 🙂

My next tutorial will be Okita Sougo’s sleeping mask.

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Wig Dyeing Tutorial

Hi, I’m sleepingwhimsy. I’m new at blogging tutorials, so please bear with me!

Today’s tutorial will be about wig dyeing. Yes folks, you can actually dye your synthetic wig! :> I don’t know dyeing natural hair wigs though, don’t try it because you might ruin an expensive wig! (Seriously, don’t.)

I had to dye a wig because I ran out of time and because there aren’t any available on hand wigs that have the color that I want. I was in a rush because the con was in less than 5 days. It was a risky move but I am a bit satisfied (at that time, in just a couple of days) with the results.

I’m going to be dyeing a pink wig to a purple ala Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop color.

Disclaimer: The picture you are about to see might make you facepalm since Faye’s hair isn’t actually bright purple but darker (I only realized it until later and didn’t really mind that much since I actually colored the wig purple). Since I was out of time and materials (*facepalm*) I decided that the color was the darkest it could go at that time. I still plan to darken the wig color in the future! 🙂

Tip: Don’t dye an already dark wig because the color won’t really show. (I tried to dye a brown wig to purple, it failed. end of story) And no, you cannot dye a wig into a lighter color. Do not even attempt to dye a light colored wig to black because it will only turn into gray. I suggest that you just buy a black wig.

Picture tiem!

This is the after look of the wig, it used to be a pink cotton candy color. As you can see in the scalp, there are still hints of pink.

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